PNASA Historical Perspective  
          By Adele  B. Campos, PhD, EdD, RN



The influx of Filipino nurses in the early 1980’s working in San Antonio showed numerous problems related to the practice of their profession due to the entirely different healthcare delivery system. The change in environment and exposure to people of diverse cultures created the need for adjustment to these nurses.

During these difficult times, the thought of having a professional organization that would assist these   newcomers in their period of transition was considered- an organization that would establish a support  system needed in their orientation and acculturation to the American way of life and health care activity, would promote professional nursing standards as defined by statutes and by recognized nursing organizations and accrediting agencies in the United States and the Philippines, and would provide a forum for the  exchange of ideas and sharing of professional experience among Filipino nurses and their colleagues.       Read More

 PNASA 25th Anniversary:        Through the Years...

      By Aura Casabar, BSN, RN, CCM

The Philippines has been the leading supplier of foreign-trained nurses to the United States for decades. In 2007, the Issue Brief from the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics reported that based on the US national census and state licensing data “almost one-third of foreign-trained nurses came from the Philippines.”   Read More