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2020-2022 PNASA President - Golda Manalili's Message

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as PNASA’s President for the next 2 years. I am beyond excited to be working alongside our newly elected Executive Board members and continue the great work of our past officers, who worked so hard to keep PNASA’s presence and contributions to the community meaningful and strong.

To Dr. Jane Nuñez Neri, we have benefited so much from your term as President in the last 2 years. I personally learned a lot from you- your resilience and intellect inspired me so much. Thank you for your dedication and hard work! I also would like to acknowledge Dr. Danet Lapiz-Bluhm’s help, for leading and facilitating PNASA’s election process, and Dr. Nelson Tuazon, for his expertise and unwavering support to the organization. He mentored all of us so well.

My sincere appreciation to our awesome 2018-2020 Officers and Executive Board members: Glenn Ganzon Alpino, Liezl de Leon, Kathleen Castro, Roselle Sadornas, Dr. Danet Bluhm, Ella Tuazon, Hedda C. Gonzalez, Arnee Beraya, Aura Casabar, Elcee Cortez, Marietta T Dela Cruz, Lai Ociones-Divina, Floranie Ora, Josie Ferrer Schantz, and Albert Tarriela.

I am also incredibly grateful to our PNASA ambassadors and members, partners/sponsors, not to mention the entire members and officers of our sub-chapter, PNA-Austin, Texas, PNAA and PNAA South Central Region, under the leadership of Dr. Gloria Beriones.

Thank you for all the help and loyalty.

In my capacity as President, I will lead with the members of my administration to uphold the legacy of our organization, by strengthening the implementation of its various commitments to our members and the nursing profession, such as promoting nursing excellence and organizing fund raising activities to support our PNASA scholars, help our members and fellow Filipino nurses advance their nursing careers through clinical ladder and continuing education, and organize community outreach programs to provide assistance to the San Antonio community.

All these and more, as I look forward and pray for a very productive and successful future of PNASA!

Advocacy is our Legacy. Be part of the PNASA Legacy!

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