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A Night of Education and Serenade

Congratulations to our Education & Research, led by Jigs Naculangan, Jr., and Ways & Means Committee, led by Shiela Ortiz—for a job well done!

On Saturday, September 10th, 2022, the PNASA Executive Board 2022-2024 held its first educational event at Susie’s Lumpia house! PNASA demonstrated our “Respond” in our mantra: Align, Respond, and Belong. Our Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Event and Stop The Bleed program was our way of responding to the relevant issues of violence facing the world today. In this, we hoped to give our members the knowledge and training that would save their life or the lives of their loved ones. An amazing performance and serenade followed the event by Boy Rose, whose passion and presence of the arts brings the healing power of music.

A thank you to our guest speakers: Deputy David Meyer Jr. and TaTaka Perry-Johnson! Their service to the community of San Antonio is truly remarkable.

Special thank you to all our sponsors:

PNASA is dedicated to instilling self-confidence and sparking the interest of giving back to the community through our young generation. Thank you PNASA KIDS- for showcasing your singing talents! Mikaela Bluhm and Viktoria Ortiz were an absolute joy. Shout out to CJ Sadsad, Budget & Finance Committee Co-Chair, on his debut singing performance for PNASA EB 2022-2024! Most IMPORTANTLY, thank you for the overwhelming support of our PNASA Family and members!

This event is the first of more to come, including family activities, educational events, community service, and more! Join PNASA on Facebook and check out our calendar to stay updated! Thank you and MABUHAY!

Honorable Mentions:

Visual & Audio - , Albert Tarriela

Publicity/Public Relations and Website Committee - Eric Diansuy & Almina Cacho

Hosts - Carmina Cardona and Steven Duenas

And all the PNASA EB 2022-2024 for spreading awareness of the event and assisting with the planning committee.

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