Scholarship Committee

PNASA Scholarship             Awardees

1990 - 2013


Julian Belisario


Emily Yadao

Tanu Jain

Bo Song Jang


Kathleen Castro

Bryan Ralloma

Kenneth Rivera



Ma. Kathrina Calilung

Chairman:    Lilybeth Sotto

Co-Chair:     Romeo Albornoz  and Liezel Deleon

Member:       Ivy Ballesteros, Alona Flores and                                   Lailani Divina   


FUNCTIONS of the Scholarship Committee:

  • Assist members in seeking financial assistance for further education in nursing.

  • Establish criteria for selecting recipients of the Nursing Scholarship Awards.

  • Screen and recommend applicants for scholarship awards to the Executive Board.

   PNASA Scholarship Award Procedure



1.  Secure an application form from the PNASA Scholarship Committee or from our    


2.   Complete the application form and enclose all the following in your application                         packet:

        a.   One “passport” size (2 x 2) photo (not required of applicants who have received                 the award previously).

        b.   Official transcript of record including pre-nursing and nursing coursework.

        c.   Proof of current enrollment.

        d.   A printed word processed essay, not less than 500 words. (About your personal                 and  professional goals).

        e.   A copy of letter of endorsement from two individuals. One of whom must be    
              from a former clinical instructor/academic professor and a personal reference                     not related to you.


3.   Inquires and mailing of complete application packet must send to:



                          Lilybeth Soto, BSN, RN, CMSRN

                          Chairman, Scholarship Committee 


                                   San Antonio, TX 782




4.   Deadline for submission of applications: ANYTIME during the semester. Early    
      applications during each semester are strongly encouraged.                                                   PNASA reserves the right to limit the number of awardees per semester.


5.   Applicants will be notified of the results of the application and if applicable date of    
      award presentation approximately 30 days after receipt of the application.



Note: All application requirements must be submitted at the same time. Applicant with incomplete application packets will have all items returned and notified in writing of their application status.