What's in it for me?     " I am a PNASA member..."  


             by Aura Casabar, BSN, RN

Over a quarter of a century, PNASA has made strong sustained strides towards increasing and serving its membership. It is accessible through its website: mypnasatx.org, email: mypnasa@hotmail.com, Facebook, and twitter.



                                                              PNASA promotes career advancements towards attaining the highest standards of                                                                          nursing and continues to award scholarships to deserving undergraduate and graduate                                                                    nursing students. It recognizes achievements and excellence of nurses in their fields of                                                                  expertise. These nurses are celebrated at the Annual Nursing Excellence and Scholarship                                                                Awards during PNASA’s Christmas Gala.

                                                              In 2015, PNASA spearheaded by then President-Elect Danet Lapiz-Bluhm, partnered                                                                    with the University of Texas Health San Antonio School of Nursing in their Scholarship                                                                program. Many have taken advantage of this PNASA membership benefit.                                                                                                                            READ MORE

     Dr. Adele B. Campos

PNASA Founding Adviser

     Gertrude Umaming

 "I am a PNASA member..."

"Why I Became A Nurse.."

By Ruth Newland, BSN, RN

"Since childhood, I have always wanted to be a nurse. In elementary, during school plays, I always portrayed the role of a nurse. What attracted me at first was the white uniform.

In 1968, one of my sisters became critically ill (she was my first grade teacher). She had septicemia and had complications. She required hospitalization for 2 months at the Manila Doctors Hospital. During some period of her hospitalization, my sister required 24/7 private duty nurse.

One of the nurses who took care of my sister left an impression on me that later inspired me to be a nurse. I witnessed the nurse who took care of my sister, how she cared about my sister as a human being and a patient. She was very committed and dedicated to her work. She attended not only to the needs of my sister but our whole family especially my mother who never left my sister’s bedside. This nurse taught my mother how to suction via her tracheostomy and how to administer enteral feeding. She never hesitated to get her hands dirty. She advocated for my sister/family. She made sure she explained to my mother what the doctors have been saying regarding my sister’s status and prognosis. She made sure the family understood the situation. She was our spokesperson.

Fortunately, my sister recovered and required several months of rehab at home. After my sister was discharged from the hospital, this nurse “Elizabeth” took time to visit my sister at home to check how my sister was doing. We were so fortunate to have a nurse like Elizabeth that made all the difference and made the uncertainties and struggles we were facing at that time bearable and lighter. We knew she was an Angel from heaven. Elizabeth was my role model and she inspired me to become a nurse." 

     Salvie Guillao

"I am a PNASA member..."