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Embracing Excellence: PNASA Welcomes Three Filipino Nurses to the US with Open Arms!

On March 3rd, 2024, PNASA extended its support in welcoming three Philippine nurses along with their families to the United States. Our organization's mantra, "Align, Respond, and Belong," serves as a guiding principle that fuels its operations. Through the collaboration with Powerhouse America LLC, these nurses were officially registered as full members of PNASA/PNAA. We sincerely thank Powerhouse America LLC for the opportunity to greet our newest members!

As part of the warm reception, each nurse was presented with a welcome binder brimming with valuable resources, essential contacts, and detailed information about San Antonio, Texas. This was courtesy of our PNASA Secretary, Merie Penalber. It is the fervent hope of PNASA that these nurses will experience a profound sense of belonging and camaraderie through their affiliation with the Philippine Nurses Association of San Antonio, Inc.

This gesture not only signifies the inclusivity and support that PNASA extends to its members but also underscores the importance of fostering a welcoming environment for professionals transitioning to a new country. By providing these nurses with the necessary tools and connections, PNASA demonstrates its commitment to ensuring their successful integration into the local community and healthcare landscape. The organization's dedication to promoting unity, collaboration, and support among Filipino healthcare professionals in San Antonio is a testament to its mission of empowering and uplifting its members.


Susan R. Tiempo, BSN, RN

Carine I. Jimenez, BSN, RN

Runette R. Panes, BSN, RN

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