PASSION: The Secret Ingredient of a Fulfilled Life as a Nurse!

by Aura Casabar, BSN, RN

Several years ago, I caught myself watching reruns of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, a reality cooking show of a very animated, award-winning chef who went around Great Britain, France, and the US attempting to salvage restaurants from the brink of bankruptcy or closure. It appeared that Ramsay had been successful in his efforts for the majority of the series. But the most important thing that I had always come away with after each episode was not the fact that the “F” word flies out of his mouth at every third sentence, but how much he stressed the importance of having passion in one’s work or endeavor. Without passion, chefs in every failing restaurant served pathetic, unappetizing, and bland dishes that sometimes were even unsanitary to serve.

Passion. The dictionary defines passion as an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction. Having passion is so powerful that it can be the difference between watching your dreams flourish in prosperity or crumble in despair. Large sums of time and money can go down the drain as a result of passionless work ethic. Passion is what makes our senses come alive. It is an invincible force that can drive anyone to greater heights. It makes colors more vibrant, experiences more memorable, and achievements more gratifying. However, passion can also make us lose our minds and commit unthinkable acts. Without passion, even lovemaking becomes unexciting, mechanical and robotic.

There exists an exotic yellow or purple fruit called passionfruit. Although by history it was named after the passion of Christ, it can easily be mistaken to have been named after the emotion. Passionfruit - the name conjures great promise of orgasmic proportions. It is not fair to put so much expectation and responsibility on one ordinary looking fruit to deliver. Because of its tart and aromatic flavor, the passionfruit is very popular in gourmet cooking. And synonymous to the popularity of the passionfruit to sophisticated chefs, passionate people are valued and sought after in life. Including the chefs who create inspiring dishes, people with passion strive to attain a common success - to make a difference!

Nursing is one profession that demands passion. As a nurse myself, I recall my enthusiasm and the excitement I felt telling my parents that I got accepted into nursing school. Owning my age with this confession, I, even as a young girl, always pictured myself wearing those glossy heavily starched crisp white apron and cap comforting the sick. I felt proud each time I was told how noble the nursing profession is and as a result, grateful that I belong to it. That is when my passion for nursing started.